Who We Are?

We are a group of talented individuals with more than 30 years of experience in Agriculture Management, Research & Development.

We specialized in growing one of the most sorts after fruits in the region,the Musang King Durian in Malaysia. We focus on the supplying of the Musang King durians to China where the demand of the fruits have been gradually increasing each year.

Whether you are a durian lover or not, this is the opportunity for you to owned a safe, stable, low risks and environmentally asset class that can generate a stable passive income which is much better than bonds, stocks and other investments.

what we do
We are a team of committed and dedicated individuals to preserve your financial peace of mind.
We will ensure the portfolio and service plans are tailored to the individual needs of our partners by maintaining a strong and successful on going client communication.
We aspire to become our partner’s family investment consultant to achieve results that will keep us aligned for years to come.
Using our patented planting process, we help to maximise profitability in investments while ensuring sustainability in growth.
Our partners

Key marketing agency for distribution of Agrolab Ventures Pte Ltd Produacts in China Key offices set up in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.