Why Invest In Durians?
Why Invest

With the opening of the export of whole frozen durian from Malaysia to China in 2019, a new phenomenon will begin in China. The Malaysia Agriculture and ministry estimates that at least 1,000 tons, mainly of the premium varieties, will be available in the Chinese market. The value of exports to China alone is estimated to be a total of 119 million U.S. dollars in 2019.

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Planting durians is gaining momentum, some analysts foresee the “King of Fruits” to overtake oil palm as preferred plantations in Malaysia moving forward.

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With a higher returned yield value than most of traditional plantation, durians are considered as “GOLD” in the Agriculture Industry.

Fast Growing Global Durian Industry with multi products

The four keys market segments where durians products are produced :
Raw Durian Fruit – Comprised of fresh, frozen and dry Durian
Dessert Products – Ice cream, cake, jams and other pastries
Snacks– Include chips, crackers and confections such as candies
Beverages – Include coffee, tea, milk and juice

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